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Bespoke Vape Link Building from WEBIHAWKS

Improve your SEO strategy and your backlink profile with your very own bespoke vape link building strategy. Our team specialise in white hat link building and always provide 100% manual blogger outreach so that you can build a backlink profile based on quality, not quantity. Give your brand an edge within the highly competitive vape market with your very own personalized vape link building guide and with custom copy from our talented content team.

Benefits of a Bespoke Vape Link Building Strategy

You can improve the ranking of your web pages OR your local vape store and bolster your reputation with a quality and bespoke vape link building strategy. Though the goal of any SEO strategy – including link building – is to improve your ranking in the SERPs today, the benefits are two-fold. On top of helping search engine algorithms understand your site better and see your site as more trustworthy and authoritative, link building can actually work to improve your organic traffic.

Our Link Building Services

Every client benefits from a bespoke vape link building guide. This guide can be used as a framework, or it can be the start of your own vape link building strategy that we then implement on your behalf.

SEO Services in Vancouver

We offer a variety of SEO services designed to help you understand where the issues are on your website and how to fix them. You can hire us to manage your SEO entirely, in which case we will then work to fix the issues we have found, or you can choose services individually to help keep your SEO overhaul within your budget.

By improving your website and digital presence online with our SEO services, you can put your brand in the best position. A quality website is an essential foundation for every successful link-building campaign.

Google Penalty Recovery

If you have issues with your backlink profile, then no amount of white-hate link building is going to make a difference, particularly if you have a Google penalty holding your brand back. By going through and removing or disavowing links that hurt your backlink profile, we can clean it up and then have Google reconsider its penalty. Once that penalty is lifted, all your link building efforts will start showing results.

Blogger Outreach

We offer 100% manual blogger outreach. This means we source webmasters with high domain authority websites and then manually get in touch with them to form a partnership. We then connect your brand with relevant websites for best results.

Link Building

We can provide you with a great vape link building guide of suggestions or implement our custom vape link building strategy on your behalf. Link building is an excellent way to increase visibility and works to boost your ranking position on the SERPs. Bring in extra traffic through search engines and organically through posted content.

Content Creation

Every link building service we offer includes custom content creation. Each article your link can be found in will be written by a member of our content team, optimised for search engines, and of course, be relevant to both your brand and to the publishing page. The goal of each article is for it to appeal to a real audience, which increases the chances of organic reach and is also a key way we ensure that your link building strategy remains white-hat.

How Does Vape Link Building Services Work?

Google uses many metrics to determine how safe, relevant, and trustworthy a website is. One metric they use is the backlinks pointing towards your website. In the past, it didn’t matter the content that was surrounding your link or where it was published. Today quality matters every step of the way – and that is what we deliver on.

We work to craft lifestyle and vape-relevant articles for your link building campaign and then connect your brand with publishers with high domain authority that, most importantly, are relevant to your niche.

This way, we can show Google that high quality and trustworthy sites are publishing content with your link, and therefore you are also a site of authority.

How Does Link Building Help You Stand Out?

There are a few reasons that link building can help you stand out as a brand, particularly in a new industry like vaping. To start, with such new competitors, you can get a head start with your SEO and backlink profile building, allowing you to reach the top of search results sooner.

Local SEO – which also includes link building – also tends to be far more effective for in-store vape shops.

Every great link building strategy involves high-quality publishers. These publishers have traffic of their own, which means readers who may very well click on the article posted with your link in it. If they are interested, they may continue the journey to your website and thus grow your organic reach and engagement.

How Long Does it Take for Link Building Results?

Though SEO experts know a lot about what search engine algorithms are looking for and also how to boost your ranking, there are no guarantees. It takes time to build an effective SEO and vape link building strategy, and even longer to see results. The reason why it takes time is simply because there is a lot of content out there, and at one point or another Google and other search engine algorithms crawl through every page for updates. With billions of websites and even more pages and articles published on them.

With so much content out there, it is natural for it to take time before Google goes through and finds your link on these new publishers’ pages. Once you start seeing results (we provide measuring and reporting as standard for all of our services), the results will keep growing.

How Does WEBIHAWKS Create the Perfect Vape Link Building Guide?

We always put your brand and your needs first. We have worked with many vape brands beforehand and are familiar with the marketing restrictions placed on the industry. We work around these restrictions and work to improve your visibility through white-hat SEO techniques. Our vape link building guide is perfect to pair with our other key SEO services, most notably our SEO audits and our content writing services.

We want your brand to build on its strengths and to stand out from the competition. A quality link-building strategy is a great way to build on existing on-site SEO, as it works to improve your backlink profile and bolster your organic reach.


We have 12+ years of experience in Digital Marketing and always put data at the heart of every strategy we craft for our clients. We keep our thumb on the pulse of SEO and every Google’s search algorithm updates, which allows us to make fast changes to our client’s SEO and vape link building strategy. We offer SEO best practices as standard and always work to improve your brand’s Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EAT) metrics through on-site improvements and white hat link building practices.

We have offices in Surrey, Vancouver, and Chandigarh. We have years of experience working within the SEO industry. We know what your vape brand needs to improve its backlink profile and boost your SEO efforts, and we always approach every new client individually.

Your brand is unique, and therefore the SEO and vape link building strategy you use needs to be unique. Benefit from our quality services where we combine data-driven strategy with creative ingenuity to help your brand stand out online and offline.

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